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Bourton Roadrunners' Age Related Competition Rules

While the rules may sound a little complicated, they are in fact very straightforward. To qualify you must:

  1. Complete 3 races over 3 different distances for road or track, or a combination of the two. The distances for road are 5k through to 100k and for track are 50m through to 10k;
  2. As the races can be any race over an acknowledged distance with a measured course you must let BRR (Ali - at the moment) know which races you would like to be included, providing proof of your time for that event.

Simple ...... almost. Now for the calculations!

As an exaple, take a female runner aged 48. She runs a measured road 10k in 48:32. The time of 48:32 is converted into seconds:

48 x 60 + 32 = 2,912.00 seconds.

This result is then compared with the best times achieved in the world, for the relative gender and age, to give a calibrated result. There are a number of tables available showing world records (the ones used by BRR are available upon request). Assuming the tables used by BRR show a factor of 2,005.10 for a female runner of this age for this distance, the factor is then divided by the total seconds time to show the percentage against the world best. In this example:

2,005.10 / 2,912.10 = 0.688

The figure of 0.688 is multiplied by 100 to show the points awarded:

Simple!!! However, as a guide to your points you can visit the following site:


Complete the Race Time Predictor and the multiply the Age Graded percentage by 10 to provide you with an indication of the points you could receive e.g. 68.8% x 10 = 688 points.

As an aside, the Race Time Predictor is an excellent tool for a pacing strategy to reach your desired time for a recognised distance.

Age Related Trophy? Go for it!



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Key Points

Your time is converted into seconds.

This time is compared against world record for age & gender.

Your time is measured as a percentage of the world record.

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