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BRR JUNIORS - Training Sessions.

Junior Training Sessions take place at the Cotswold School on a Tuesday night at 7.00pm**.

Please view "TRAINING SESSIONS INFORMATION" for information such as location of training session and to see which group, each runner is placed in.

During late September, early October, Training Sessions start at 6.30pm for approximately 2 to 3 weeks**.

Please use either the Leisure Centre Car Park or the Sports Hall Car Park Only. Do not obstruct entrances or access to portable containers.

What type of Session's do the club run ?

LATE JULY TO LATE APRIL - These sessions are aimed at improving our Junior members in Cross Country, for School or County Competition.

LATE APRIL TO MID JULY - These sessions are aimed at Improving our Junior Members in Athletics. Primarly U11's at 600 Metres and U13's and older at 1500 Metres. For fun, we run relay's, after the main session, over a distance of 200 or 400 metres.

From October until April, all members must wear a HI-Viz Top and a Headtorch for safety.

What group will i be placed in ?

Currently we separate U11's and U13's and over into two separate age groups.

These two separate age groups, are then sorted into separate groups, 1 to, up to 8, based on their results. This enables runners of different abilties, to run with others of similar ability.

Juniors running for the first time, will be placed in the lowest group, until they are ranked.

What distance will I run during a Timetrial ?

During late April until late July, U11's will run a maximum of 600 metres and U13's and over, a maximum of 1500 metres.

At other times of the year U11's will run approximately 2km, U13's approximately 3.5km, U15's approximately 5km and U17's and older, approximately 7km, when running a Long Timetrial. When running a Short Timetrial the distance will be less. These distances are similar to the distances run by each age group in Competition. Should U13's or older feel the distance is too much to start with, they can run a shorter distance, until they are ready to run the full distance.

How do I know if I am improving ?

We take times for all Timetrial's, please view " CURRENT TRAINING RESULTS" for current times.

Please compare the MIN/MILE times as these are based on your pace. You should have a quicker pace, the shorter the distance you run. Therefore you should have a quicker pace, when running a Short Timetrial than when running a Long Timetrial.

Over time you can compare your pace over time using our "TRAINING SESSIONS ARCHIVES".

Should you manage a Personal Best, this will be highlighted on the results.

Will I improve taking part in a Tuesday training session only?

You will improve to start with, but ideally you will have to run additional sessions at home and/or join our "EXTRA TRAINING SESSIONS" on a Saturday or Sunday Afternoon, to improve further.

Please view *EXTRA TRAINING SESSIONS" if you wish to join these sessions.