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Useful Information.

Club Vests

We do have a very limited number of club vests that can be borrowed on the day, but we recommend that members who intend to compete regularly to purchase their own club vest.

The current cost is £11.95 for size 28 and £15.20 for sizes 30, 32 & 34. Unfortunately size 30 and upwards are classified as adult sizes.

Club Hoodies Etc

Junior Hoodies and a variety of other club clothing are now available. Please CLICK HERE for further information.

Recommended style of Hi Viz for Winter Training?

We do recommend this style of Hi Viz Vest as they can be worn over the top of clothing and are extremely visible.

They can be purchased from a variety of online stores including Ebay and Amazon.

What style of Head Torch is best for Winter Training?

A good Head Torch is essential when running in the dark, as runners need to see where they are going. They can be worn around the head but usually the best place is around the waist or chest.

The better examples give good visibilty, have an adjustable beam and are not to bulky as they will bounce around too much when running.

One of the most reasonably priced examples with the best performance I have found, is from Chilli Technology. Light weight, USB rechargable, and bright, wide beam. Please CLICK HERE for further info and prices. I found it was best worn around the chest similar to heart rate moniter or around the waist.


Cross Country Spikes

Cross Country Spikes are highly recommended for training during the Winter months as the school fields can get slippy and muddy and when this happens it is difficult to stay on your feet when wearing trainers. You can wear Football boots but Cross Country Spikes are much better.

The screw-in spikes on Cross Country Spikes are interchangable and advise 6mm or below during the summer or dry conditions, 9mm when the going gets tougher and 12mm in extreme conditions.

Cross Country Spikes can be purchased from any good Sports Shop., Gloucester Sports always have a good selection of Junior Running Spikes and often have a stall at the Gloucestershire Cross Country League Races.

Cross Country Spikes can be expensive, currently the best value Spikes can be found at Decathlon or Sports Direct.

Should any members have running spikes that are too small and would like to sell them. Please contact Chris Hartley who will be happy to offer them to the Junior Membership. Just email me the size, make, condition, price, contact details and possibly an image.

Gloucester Sports

Training Advice.

What To Eat & When

Never eat a heavy meal just before training, if you are hungry then eat something light before you train. Have main meals after training to help avoid the dreaded stitch.


It is extremely important to hydrate before, during and after training, especially when the weather is warm. Please bring a drink along with you, especially during our Summer Sessions and warm weather.

Clothing & Footware

Always wear sensible clothing when training and a warm top to put on after training, especially when cold. During the winter sessions, when the weather gets colder, gloves are a must, there is nothing worse than training with fingers you cannot feel. A warm cap/hat is also advisable.

Trainers are fine for training during the Spring and Summer Sessions when dry. During the Winter Months when conditions become wet and slippy , Members can wear Football Boots or similar for additional grip to help prevent slips and falls but Running Spikes are a far better option.

Please remember to put names on all clothing and footware so we can find their owners, when left behind.

Ilness or Injury.

We advise all of our members not to train if injured or unwell. Its better to miss one week than to make things worse and miss possibly more.

Should any member injure themselves while training, stop training immediately to avoid making the injury worse. Seek advice from a Doctor if the injury is bad or does not clear up within a few days. Please inform a Club Leader before you leave the training session.