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We do encourage our Juniors to run in local races and Fun Runs, the annual Gloucestershire AAA's Cross Country League and the Gloucestershire County Championships.

This is a great way to improve, gain experience and perform even better in future competitions.

Please read on, for further information on Races we support and Club Competitions,


Gloucestershire Cross Country League

Four Races in total. To score you must complete at least three races.

  • There are separate races for Boys & Girls.

  • Approximate distances are: Under 11 – 2.0km. Under 13 – 3km. Under 15 - 5km. Under 17 – 6.5km.

  • The races usually take place on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in October, November, December and February.

  • Country Medals are presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed Individual and Team. A team consists of the three highest placed runners for the club in any of the four races.


Gloucestershire Cross Country Championships

  • There are separate races for Boys & Girls.

  • Age groups and approximate distances are: Under 11 – approximately 1.5km. Under 13 – approximately 3km. U15 / U17 – approximately 4.5km.

  • The race usually take place on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in January.

  • Country Medals are presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed Individual and Team. A team consists of the three highest placed runners for the club.


Junior Club Winter Cross Country Competition.

To take part in this competition:

  • You must complete at least three out of the four races in the Gloucestershire Cross Country League to qualify.

  • Your lowest three finishing positions are calculated together to give your final score.

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are presented to the top three runners in each age group with the lowest scores.

  • Medals are awarded to all other qualifying finishers for their commitment and dedication.

  • You must compete for BRR Juniors and in Club Colours.

  • An under 9 age group is included in this Competition. There is not an U9 age group in the Gloucestershire Cross Country League or County Championships.

The Overall Champion Boy and Girl Trophies, kindly donated by Shona Crombie-Hicks will be awarded to the girl and boy with the lowest number of points over all four races, no matter what position they came in the Competition. overall.


BRR Juniors 3, 5 & 7 Year Cross Country Award.

This award is presented to any member who has qualified in either three, five or seven consecutive Junior Club Winter Cross Country Competition's. Should an Athlete not qualify one year, then they have to start again.


Athlete of the Year Award, Athlete of the Year Runner Up Award and the Jack Oaky Trophy.

Points are given for Attendance, Improvement and Commitment over the year.

Attendance - The highest percentage of points are given for attendance, without regular attendance you are unlikely to improve.

Improvement - Our training sessions are split into four periods throughout the year. We compare an average of each members, three best times (Min/Mile Pace), over the Long Time Trial, for the current period. We then compare their time against the same period the year before. Points are given to members who have improved their time. When a member moves up and age group, we compare their Short Time Trial time against their Long Time Trial time, set the year before. Bonus points can be earned for Personal bests.

Points are also given for beating Average bests.

Commitment - When you compete for the Club in Races, not only does this help you to improve but also shows commitment to the club. We therefore use the Race Champ Competition where you gain points for each race based on importance.

We also also give a small percentage of points for the previous periods attendance.

A higher percentage of points are given to the winter periods, as this is when our most important races take place for the club and local schools.

Depending on the total number of members in the club, in the current year, approximately the top 20% of paid up members in December, with the highest number of points will win these Award's.

The Girl and the Boy with the highest number of points, win the Girl and Boy Athlete of the Year Award's.

All others win the Athlete of the Year Runner's Up Award.

The Jack Oaky Trophy is presented to the member, girl or boy, with the highest number of points, who has not previously won the Trophy before. They keep the Trophy for a year.

Juniors who have been a member's for at least two years, have a greater chance of winning these trophies.


BRR Junior Race Champ Award

The Race Champ Award is awarded to any Athlete or Athletes that have accumulated the most points in any one year (Races from January to December), from nominated Races.

A nominated Race must be:

  • Open to all ages.

  • Local (Within 40miles approx).

  • All races must be advertised for at least four weeks prior to race.

  • You must run as a BRR and in club colours.

 All Gloucestershire Cross Country League Championships Races, The Bourton One Mile Challenge and any race hosted by BRR will be included. Currently we also l support  the Sherborne Fun Run and Cross Country Races hosted by Severn AC. Points are given to each race depending on importance and range from one to six points.



Forthcoming Races & Fun Runs

Dates for Gloucestershire Cross Country League 2019/20.
(Race Champ - 4 points.)

Old Down Country Park.
Sunday 1st March 2020.

For up to date information please CLICK HERE to visit the Glos AAA Website and register online.

If you take part in at least three of the above Race's you will qualify for a medal in our Club XC Competition. It could be a Gold, Silver or Bronze or Runner Up Medal. CLICK HERE to view current Competition.

Pendock Spring Chicken 1K Fun Run & 5K.
Sunday 22nd March 2020.
(Race Champ - 2 points.)

We have supported this race for several years. It is the day after the Primary Schools National's but we feel there is no problem running two races in two days, as a one off. This did happen lasat year.

We advise all but the youngest runners to enter the 5K race as its good for the juniors to race the adults. The 1K race is just a Fun Run for the younger runners. Often times and positions are not taken, as it is just a very informal Fun Run.

It is highly advisable to pre-book the 5K at least a month before as it does fill up fast. You have been advised.

There is also a 10K for adults or our junior runners over 16 years of age.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the website for further info and to pre-register.


Club Competitions & Tables


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